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  • Like Water


    Like Water by Anne Drummond on iTunes 

    “Anne Drummond is something else again on Like Water: an airy sylph whose lines burrow into the center of the band, embedding her in the middle of each light, ephemeral samba, and become one with the group sound. Unlike most flute soloists who tend to float over the band, Drummond somehow lets her sound emanate fluidly from ground zero in your psyche.”- | November 2009

    “Curumim” is a bouncy, incisive Brazilian flavored tune that’s perfect for a flute/piano duet such as this one performed by Drummond and Mueller. Drummond’s flute flutters around the piano, stating the melody, playfully jousting with Mueller and inserting mini-solos so seamlessly that her constant role changes go mostly unnoticed. Mariano’s composition is a strong one, but “Curumim” is greatly bolstered by the rapport between these two players.”- | December 2009

    “Drummond takes an understated, lyrical approach rather than focusing on fast runs and over-blowing. With this admirable effort, Anne Drummond comes across as a talented instrumentalist and composer who is willing to share the spotlight with her fellow musicians, good advice for any up-and-coming jazz musician.”- | January 2010

    “Drummond’s joy and energy is immediately noticeable and her playing is passionate throughout. The blend between the pizzicato string line, at the outset of “Spring,” and the rest of the musicians is intoxicating. Pianist Xavier Davis makes his lone appearance here, providing a touching Egberto Gismonti’s “Frevo” 
is three-and-a-half minutes of musical magic; Drummond’s playing is electric, and her blend and chemistry with Mueller is astounding. Drummond is comfortable in her skin and values the group dynamic over the individual.”- All About Jazz | Feb 2010

    “She plays a cool refreshing bossa nova that feels great. She was smart to surround herself with a fine set if musicians. The session is appropriately titled as Drummond’s compositions can be soothing, cleansing, powerful and invigorating, Like Water! Just sit back and enjoy the tide.”- O’s Place | Jazz March 2010

    “Aptly titled, flutist Anne Drummond’s debut recording as a leader is an exercise in fluidity, alternating between flowing ballads and surging, up-tempo numbers. Drummond shows a great sense of leadership here, her fine technique imbued with spirit and imagination. Delivering this promising concept album as her first effort, one can’t help but wonder where Drummond might go next.”

    Jazz Times | March 2010